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Monday, April 7, 2008

"pick em up and lay em down"

Like any bricklayer will tell you, this is a mantra that works for EVERYONE! It applies to all aspects of life. Like sharks, people must be in a constant state of motion, physically or mentally, consciously or subconsciously. Every day we labor at something. Each night, while we're sound asleep, our minds continue to labor as our subconscious dreams the dreams we build on or work toward when we wake. Like Yogi says (Berra - not Bear), "it ain't over til its over."
So, what's my point you ask? My point is that as people we are masters at talking ourselves out of anything. Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's not so good. If you talk yourself out of a bad situation, that's good. If you talk yourself out of a good opportunity, that's bad. When do you find out which you've done? After its over!
Many of us that have dreamed of writing something for posterity, like a novel, have all started the same way, enthusiastically. Some of us are stopped by the first page, some by the very first chapter, some by the first reading, some by the first rejection. Writing is no more complicated that sticking to your guns. One dreams, one adapts, one molds their dreams into consciousness. One builds and expands on their dreams, breathes life into them then weaves them into a story, a novel, the author's most intimate thoughts laid out for all to see. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? So why doesn't everybody write a novel? Good question! Actually, it's my firm belief that EVERYONE has at least one novel inside of them.
The stumbling block is always perseverance. The common denominator in all successful publication attempts is perseverance! It's a simple formula really. "Pick em up and lay em down." Line by line, paragraph by paragraph, page by page, chapter by chapter. Are you picking up what 'm laying down? By the way I borrowed hat line from my brother Chuck. Where he first heard it God only knows! Anyway, it took me 40 years to grasp this concept. But, once I did it was "Katy bar the door!" With that understanding, that slight change in how I approached things, I was on my way to a whole new me. Eleven months, two weeks, and 3 days later, "The Migrant" was written and ready to start on the submission trail (of tears).
So, phase one was complete, I had a manuscript. Next, Phase two, convincing someone, anyone, that I had a product!

next post..."for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction...(physics 101)"


Anonymous said...

Ah-but what about the fear that you might perhaps be brilliant only to yourself and those who don't want to hurt your feelings, lol? I often wonder if I am perhaps like many a fearless singer--bold and loud but better off warbling alone in the shower where noone can hear. Maybe noone has told me that I stink yet-lmao.


Good point my anonymopus friend...:)

Seriously, to my mind, you write to please yourself. If you are able to reach someone else in the process, well, that's a true blessing.

So, warble away and let critics deal with it on their own terms!

Good luck with the signing, maybe I'll hear you on the radio someday.


Anonymous said...

Pick them up and lay it down ? Well I for one am certainly picking up what your throwing down my brother !!! Seems to be along the lines of can't win if you don't play. With all that being said , lets get to the heart of the matter. Writing in any form is a far better commuacation tool then say speaking , why you say ? Well for one you have the chance to reveiw what you just said and say to yourself umm..... maybe "your a foul mouth pin head" is not really what I wanted to say. Rather than say it and of course then say the amendment " sorry I meant to say , I disagree " lol Also when writing ( or laying it down if you perfer ) you leave open your meaning to whom ever is reading it to draw thier own meaning. Of course this means people ( who most will be smarter than you ) will give it thier own spin and of course see you as the mental giant that you are !!! Now to you Mr. Anonymous , fear of being only brilliant to yourself ? I ask you sir at the end of the day isn't it you that your most concerned about ? Of course , we have to please ourseleves before we go looking for approval from others. Alright my friends , I've enlighted you all enough for one afternoon. See you in the funny papers.

Charlie Love Esq.