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Monday, July 6, 2009

"cowabunga dudes..."

They say that inspiration comes in waves, and I suppose that’s true. Unfortunately they neglect to tell you that you can visibly age waiting between sets! Now, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I’ve done my fair share of floating on lullaby swells waiting for that perfect set. One with a killer ride that just goes on and on and on! But the wait can be a win-win experience if you use the time wisely. When I write I tend to wait for inspiration in much the same way that I wait on the next wave. I know its coming sooner or later, so I take it all in, notice the world around me. I let my view and whatever comes into it season my perspective on whatever my twisted little brain is hatching at that moment. It always works out in the end. Either a wave comes and I scoot and shoot, or an idea hatches and I run it through my mind and out my fingertips onto my keyboard (there is usually a board involved somehow).

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know that I have been catching rides on a KaSandra theme. My little muse is an inspiration beyond words. So, as promised in my last post, I give you chapter one in:

“KK Undercover…The Cookie Caper…”

San Diego, California…2009

Listen up new kid, my name is KaSandra, Cassandra with a K! That’s big K, little a, big S, little a-n-d-r-a, get it? I live right here in San Diego (that’s in California for anyone geographically challenged) with my Mom, my sister, and my little brother. My sister is a couple of years older than me (I’m 10), and she’s pretty cool. My brother is a couple of years more than a couple of years younger than me, and he’s, well, he’s my little brother and let’s leave it at that!

I’m a fourth grader at Deer Canyon Elementary School. I like school okay most of the time, but I could do without the homework. I’m a bit of a tomboy, but still a girly-girl when it suits me (translation: shop-a-holic). I tend to hang out with my two BFFs, Winifred and Claire, but we occasionally tolerate a couple of the not so creepy boys in our class. Basically I am a pretty normal 10 year-old California girl. At least I am as far as everyone knows.

Can you keep a secret kid? Winfred and Claire don’t even know about this! Okay, between you and me and the tether-ball, I sorta lead a double life, part time kid, part time spy. That’s right, I said spy! I’m working undercover for the government. What? Yes, our government silly. Specifically I work for S.A.M. That’s short for Secret Aides for Moms. I know what you’re thinking, what the heck does that mean? Have you ever heard the old saying that moms have eyes in the back of their heads? Well, we’re those eyes!

See, many years ago, I don’t know how many, some President, I don’t know which one, wanted to help his wife with their children. Legend has it they were mega brats and were really messing up the White House, literally. So, the President created a super secret organization, S.A.M. and the government has been recruiting brainy, take charge kids, like me, ever since. Close your mouth kid, it’s impressive, but not that impressive! Now, you’re supposed to be at least 12 to start and you have to quit by 18 when you go off to college. But in my case they made an exception. No surprise right? I’m smart, pretty cool, and a little bossy (little brother/monster, remember?). Wait a sec, actually that is pretty darn impressive! Go ahead kid, let your mouth hang open minute or two!

That’s my bio so keep it under your hat see? You’re just a rookie in this game, so pay attention and I’ll learn ya good! That’s detective talk by the way. I must have read it in a book somewhere. I can trust you right? I hope so because I’d hate to have to make you disappear! Ha-ha-ha, just kidding silly, they would probably only send you back a grade or two. Close your mouth kid, I said probably!

Okay, today’s message came the usual way, tucked inside my strawberry Pop Tart, just like a fortune cookie, pretty clever huh? Looks like we got a lunchbox bandit on the loose at dear old Deer Canyon! First things first kid, empty your pockets for me. Can’t be too careful ya know. The best suspects are usually the ones right under your beezer. Uncross your eyes kid, a beezer is another name for your nose. Sorry about that, more detective talk, that must have been a pretty old book I read, because nobody talks like that anymore!

Hmmmm, let’s see now, thirty-eight cents, two green life savers, and a really old stick of Juicy Fruit. Did you get this outta your Grandpa’s pocket or what? Never mind, you’re clean. Stuff it all back in your pocket and let’s get to class before the bell rings. I want to hand Claire a note to make sure we hook up at lunch with Winifred. I got an idea on how we might trap this perp. But we’ll need Winnie to sweet talk her mom, again. Winnie’s mom Alice can bake like nobody’s business; and her Snicker doodle cookies are pretty famous around here.

Come on, hurry up kid, Mrs. Ryan is getting ready to close the door!

Next post: chapter two “KK Undercover…The Cookie Caper”

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