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Sunday, March 28, 2010

“…As goes your garden so goes your life…” a personal observation

To my mind there are few things as soothing as watering the garden. The soft patter of falling water is music to my ears. And if you add to that some bright sunshine my mind will guiltlessly wander from wild imaginings to fond memories and back again. There is a gentleness and peacefulness that comes with the experience. I enjoy the cool beads of water running down the length of my bare arm as I hold onto the well worn and retched excuse of a garden hose I have. And it makes me shudder when the cold stream reaches the warm juncture where forearm meets bicep.

I love how the sunlight warms my face; its brightness causes me to squint slightly. Sweat from my head stings my eyes as it drips in from my wet hair, and I wipe the salty perspiration from my face with the sleeve of my shirt. Sometimes I’ll close my eyes and listen to the sound of the water falling like a summer shower onto the many different plants nestled in the garden that I tend to. Its work, it requires commitment, it requires investment (mostly time), and it requires love. In return it rewards me with abundant beauty, serenity of spirit, and peace of mind.

It is a perfectly balanced equation; a labor of love yielding true peace of mind. As goes your garden so goes your life. The lives in your care, much like the plants in your garden respond in kind to the simplicity of that equation. Apply it daily, memorize it, write it on a tee shirt and wear it often. Love yields peace, simple right?

L ---> P

Let's face it, anything that begins with love, will ultimately bear fruit, it’s a spiritual axiom. The random element is always time and the conditional solution is patience. No matter how many variables one may encounter in the application of this equation, over time, applying patience and time, love will yield peace. To my PhD father, I apologize for being unable to write this math expression adequately, but then you’re the friendly neighborhood mathematician and I’m merely a naturally blabby dreamer.

What does this have to do with watering the garden you ask? Nothing, but its occasions like this, when I ramble on so, that drive me to the garden to water myself into peace of mind.

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