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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I was going to write a piece about the significance of this day in our history. Images burned into our memories forever as if imprinted at birth. In a way it was a birth of sorts. Actually, for most of us it was a re-birth to be specific, because in those tragic moments 250 million patriots were born. But as I sit on this bench in Del Mar, looking out to sea and thinking of what to say, the urge to pontificate wanes. Silent reflection seems more appropriate, remembering 2977 (according to Wikipedia) heroes who died bravely. Some by fate, and some by choice. So…

Thanks a Lot

What you suffered, what you gave cannot be measured
The sacrifice you made never repaid
But here’s a pledge from me cause that is all who I can be

Thanks a lot, hey thanks a lot

I swear by all that’s holy that I’ll send you and yours my love
Every nine eleven from now on
Cause if Heaven’s a real place I know you’re standing in His grace

Thanks a lot, hey thanks a lot

The sun has gone and sank into the ocean
Still the waves continue crashing on the shore
The sound they make is soothing, rich, and oh so deeply pure
And echoes loud and long between my ears

Thanks a lot, hey thanks a lot

If I listen close enough the roars turn into voices
Of a people sending messages to angels
The sentiment is clear as they shout loud for all to hear

Thanks a lot, hey thanks a lot

I wonder sometimes what you all are thinking
When you look back down upon this spinning ball
I hope that what you see is pleasing to you
Right or wrong we’re trying hard to set things straight
And through the voices in the waves I hope that you are hearing

Thanks a lot, hey thanks a lot…

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