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Friday, March 4, 2011

(”Save a place for me save some grace for me I'll be there soon I'll be there soon”)…Matthew West…2008

California…March 4, 2011

Tonight all I want to do is say goodbye to my brave and gallant nephew, Cpl. Jordan Stanton, who this very day courageously gave his life for our country while serving thousands of miles from home in a far away place. You might think that given the many words I've scribbled on this blog and in the stories that I write that I could find the right ones to express the depth of my sadness. You would be wrong, I cannot. Frankly I don't believe those words have even been dreamed of yet.

Some say life oscillates; that happy and sad come in sets, just like waves. Well, if that's true then I'm riding a sadness tsunami. Everyone grieves for something or someone sooner or later, it's a human axiom. When a heart breaks we either circle the wagons of compassion or flee to protect our own. That is also a human axiom. There is no middle of the road where grief is concerned, we either love enough to care and care enough to comfort, and comfort enough to heal or we don't. True love stays the course, that's a spiritual axiom, like the scripture promises, love never fails.

I miss you Jordan, and can't stop asking why, as if there could ever be an answer that would make sense. I am proud of the depth of your character and hope that I will be able to learn from the examples you offered in life, that of true spirit, true commitment, and true courage, these examples defined your life. You set the bar high for all of us. I hope we can measure up and make you proud as well.

I realize that you never met her, but when you get to Heaven look up your little cousin KaSandra, I know that she'll happily show you the ropes up there. You'll love her Jordan; she's the little sister that your Mom always wanted for you and your brothers. She'll crack you up with her knock-knock jokes and you'll fall in love with her smile, her giggle, even her whine. Do me a favor and look after her for me, and if you don't mind, check in on your Uncle Nick from time to time and make sure that I'm towing the line and walking the straight and narrow. I'm sort of on a personal mission of my own right now, and I'm sure KaSandra could use some help keeping me focused and encouraged.

I love you Jordan, please tell KK that I love her too and give her a big hug for me. Thank you for your service, for your sacrifice, for your infectious smile, and most of all for your love. You're in all of our hearts, and it's in there where you will live forever. God bless you nephew, now and through eternity…


Muah said...

Im Julie's friend, Misty. My husband, Steven, was close to Jordan throughout his time in the Marine Corps. I grief so heavily for your loss and am so sorry. Nothing can take away the pain that is felt by so many right now. Jordan was an amazing man and a true joy to be around. You are all thought of and in the prayers of countless people today and throughout.

Unknown said...

Nick. I am so sorry for the loss of your nephew. It is a hard time to go through. You said there are no words to describe the sadness.. You are so right. But You did an awesome job explaining your feelings. Jordan died a hero- fighting for his country. As a family member I am proud of this young man. Family and friends are in my prayers.And special prayers for Robert, Joyce and brothers. I am sure KK will find Jordan- and they together with Others will watch over the family.. Love you cousin Nick, Sabrina

Semper Ag said...

I was a recruiter in the recruiting office that Jordan was recruited out of. I wrote a tribute to him on my blog. I am forever grateful for your nephew, and I am so honored that I had the chance to meet him.

My tribute to Jordan...

Anonymous said...

The Ellis Family,
Nick, it has to be the sad to no end when the future seemed so limitless. We would like to express, however inadequately how sorry we are for your loss and for your families loss. Taken so young in a far off land that, itself, does not understand the great sacrifice of so many of our young an brave.
We will pray for his immortal soul and we will will pray for your heart to be repaired as soon as you can get moving again.
Please take care,
Steve Kate and Family

Kristy Chu said...

Mr. Stanton,

I am so sorry for you and your family's loss.

My name is Kristy Chu and I'm a reporter for the O.C. Register. We received a news release regarding the death of your nephew, and are hoping to write a story to remember him and celebrate his life. Please let me know if you or your family would be interested in speaking with us and telling us more about Jordan. I can be reached at

Anonymous said...

Nick, our deepest sorrow goes out to your family for the loss of your nephew Jordan. I believe there is a special place in heaven for our passing heros in arms

Roman, Annette Gonzalez and Family

bteng said...

My deepest condolences to you and your family. Your blog post about Jordan put tears to my eyes, but also helped me appreciate the tragic loss of Jordan - a war-hero, courageous patriot, compassionate person, and loving family member. May you and your family find solace in the wonderful memories and the love you all share.

bruce owens said...

to the family and friends of Jordan. I am a friend of Nick Stanton and have followed THE fun times in knowing him. Also, I have been with him and his family via prayer long distance during KK's journey to Heaven and now with Jordon joining KK.Some much pain to see anyone younger than me at 57 leaving God's gren earth. When these young people leave us, it simply hurts so much more. I hope your family can find some peace knowing that Jordan served each one of us on a daily basis by being a Marine.Obviously a great family member from what i have already heard and read. God will continue to bless all of you if you stay true to your faith. God Bless all of you and your families.