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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day-Anh yêu em Tuyet........Tôi yêu con gái KaSandra & Katrina -Tôi thương con trai của bố Luc

Okay, I'm taking a wee break from Gabriel's Promise today. Honestly, I meant to post chapter 19 this evening, and I was nearly complete with it until I got sidetracked while at this rabbit hole (Starbucks) where I write every night. Usually I tune everyone out when I'm working but there was this little girl who sat across from me with her parents who kept trying to get my attention. I just smiled politely and kept right on working. Eventually she walked up to me and asked me about the bracelet on my wrist. I told her that it was a gift from someone special in my life. She said oh, and seemed satisfied for the moment, returning to her seat.

A couple of minutes later she walked over again and asked if I wanted to hear the song she was practicing for her recital this weekend. I took off my glasses and said sure, smiling at her parents. She went back to her chair and pulled a tape recorder from her backpack and then returned to stand in front of me. She pushed the button and the music started, it sounded familiar. Then she started to sing:

"I'm a big big girl in a big big world..."

I started to cry, I couldn't help myself and I couldn't stop. I got up and went outside to compose myself. After about 10 minutes the family came out and asked if I was alright. I told them I was and apologized for my behavior and assured them it had nothing to do with their daughter. I told them that the song had a special meaning for me. We shook hands and they started to leave and I started to go back inside. Before I took two steps the little girl ran up to me and tugged at my shirt. She told me her name was Dana and asked if I needed a hug. Her parents were smiling and nodding their approval. I knelt down and let the child hug me. In my ear she asked, "is this how she used to hug you?" I choked out a reply, "yes."

"Good! That's from her," she said with a smile.

She turned, ran back to her parents and a moment later they were gone. After that I really couldn't concentrate on chapter 19 anymore, my mind was wandering for several reasons. Overhead the coffee shop was playing a David Gates tune, Aubrey, and my brain went to work rewriting the lyric to his beautiful melody. I hope he'll foregive me for this, so here's how I closed out the evening:

KaSandra was her name
A not so very ordinary girl or name
No one's to blame
For the life that never bloomed
For the heart that left us way too soon
How she loved her melodies, I'd smile when she would sing
Practicing her tunes each night I loved to watch her dream…

KaSandra was her name
She laughed and joked and carried on so just the same
Spirit so strong
No she never made a sound
If she did there was no one around
Maybe I was absent or was standing in the hall
When we were together all she showed me was her love…

But God I miss the girl
And I'd go a thousand times around the world just to be
Closer to her than to me…

KaSandra was her name
I hardly knew her but I loved her just the same
I loved her name
Wish that I could find a way
Of trading places and to make her stay
Now I have to lead a life apart from all the rest
Separated from my loves I'll do without the best…

But how I miss the girl
And I'd go a million times around the world just to hear
Her say in my ear, love you more

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