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Saturday, March 28, 2009

“…rejoice in our suffering because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character hope…” Romans 5

It seems like every time I tune into the media these days, whether in print, on TV, or on the radio, I am assaulted with an endless stream of bad news. We’re at war with terrorists, drug cartels, flesh peddlers, Ponzi schemers, sub-prime this, and bail-out that, as well as a whole slew of petty dictators and fanatic regimes working hard to join the “nuclear mouse club” each of them hell bent on changing the world by blowing it to smithereens! There should be a LAW, an ordinance of some kind, one that requires a prerequisite 50/50 mix of bad and good news prior to broadcast or publication.
I’m not talking about filling the airwaves and newspaper stands with mindless fluff, sports, or porn. I’m talking stories and articles about positive events, creative solutions, great ideas, and incredible vision. There must be a few of those out there, right? Okay, maybe that mix is more like 70/30. In any event change is what those things are about. Funny word, change, lots of people use it, especially leaders, be they corporate, political, religious, or even parental. Let’s be honest, we’ve all used it from time to time. And usually whatever change we achieved was nothing more than stirring the pot so to speak. Sure it might look fresher but it’s still the same ingredients, same taste, and same smell. Oh you might add a vegetable or two, but in the end, it’s just a variation on a theme. It seems like we heard the “c” word a lot last year Mr. Democrat and Mr. Republican.
This made me think a lot about the mess we’re in, so much to complain and grouse about I wondered if there was anyone or anything worthy of praise, trust or loyalty. Aside from God, the list seems pretty short. I thought about our new President, the Presidents that came before him and those destined to follow. I tried to think of something useful to contribute, something more than cash, lip service, or complaints. It was harder than you’d think. In the end, the best I could do was a prayer. Now that I think about it maybe that is the best I can do. It doesn’t cost a cent, it doesn’t take a lot of time, you can do it anywhere anytime with anyone. And if we could do it all together, maybe it will make a difference…it could happen…

An American Prayer

Mr. President, we watched, we listened, we read, we believed, we voted

For you…

Mr. President, we’re angry, we’re disappointed, we’re fearful, we’re hopeful, we’re ready willing and able,

For you…

Mr. President, many of us were listening, too many of us were not, many of us thought hard about change, many more of us took a leap of faith

For you…

Mr. President, what will you tell our children about tomorrow, what visions will you share, what will you need to get there, what can we do

For you…

Mr. President, when you wake each day may you feel God’s guiding hand, when you sleep each night may you dream in peace, and when the challenge overwhelms you, may you know that your country prays each and every day

For you…

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