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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deep Thoughts & High Hopes

Been a while since my last post...sorry...:(

Truth be told I have been channeling my energies elsewhere the past few weeks and have only recently come up for air. A large part of the writing process is experiencing life, but you know that already, I'm preaching to the choir. Suffice to say that the following poem is what I needed to write to break a creative log jam. It is dedicated to someone near and dear, someone I've grown to love and admire...

Truc Han’s Poem

I know a wee girl, I think you do too
Who captured my heart in a minute or two

Her smile drew me in, beguiling and sunny
A shy wicked grin, contagious and funny

I felt her look through me with ebony eyes
In dark pools of wonder she made up my mind

Twas friends we would be, and I knew straight away
My life would be richer from that very day

I know a wee girl, I’m sure you do too
Who’s facing a challenge that few of us do

Surrounded by family, loved ones, and friends
Alone in a crowd on faith she depends

I’m humbled by courage she shows every day
I’m grateful and honored that she came my way

I know a wee girl, I know you do too
She’s happy, she’s loving, she looks just like you…

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